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  • Team Syachihoko streams NOISE LEAKING to the world via the

    Dec.18.2013. A six girls Nagoya based idol group “Team Syachihoko” of Stardust Promotion, is going to hold a live “Ai no Chikyuusai (Earth Festival of Love)” on December 21 in the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium where has a ...
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  • Team Syachihoko Cultural Interchange at Mexican Tourist Bureau

    Team Syachihoko made a guest appearance at the media breeding & reception of the Mexican tourist bureau on December 5th at Grand Hyatt Tokyo. This was because Team Syachihoko`s single “Shuto Iten Keikaku” ...
    Publised by on 8:54 am December 9, 2013 ... →
  • Team Syachihoko released The virtual public viewing system with

    Nov.02.2013. Team Syachihoko, the idol group from Nagoya finally released the new single “Ai no Chikyuu Sai” on October 30! The title song “Ai no Chikyuu Sai” which composed and arranged by Minoru Comorita attract ...
    Publised by on 6:19 am November 2, 2013 ... →
  • List Friday Team Syachihoko Song Ranking Happy Disco

    So I'm indulging myself to do something JUST about my favorite group, Team Syachihoko, which is a group I'm thankful for. Yeah yeah, this is a BIG stretch, but I've been wanting to do this ranking for a while. So this is a rank ...
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  • An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla Team Syachihoko The

    Up until now, Team Syachihoko have ranked rather low on the list of Japanese idol units active on the scene, hustling day by day to make a dime. But I'd say they deserve an international audience of millions for their...
    Publised by on 10:33 am October 22, 2012 ... →
  • La Team Syachihoko a besoin de votre soutien Global Idols News

    Durant son concert du 18 août intitulé « Team Syachihoko Summer Festival ~Ryakushite -Syachi-sama♪- » (チームしゃちほこサマーフェスティバル~略して « しゃちサマ♪ ») au Century Hall du Nagoya Congress Center, la Team ...
    Publised by on 7:40 am August 22, 2013 ... →
  • Team Syachihoko annouced the release of their new single Kawaii

    Team Syachihoko annouced the release of their new single. teamsyachihokoconcert01 teamsyachihokoconcert02. Team Syachihoko had a concert at Kokusaikaigijo in Nagoya on August 18th, in which viewers reach 5000.
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  • Team Syachihoko released the movie of their concert Kawaii Mag

    “Team Syachihoko” released the movie of their concert@Zepp Nagoya on . “Team Syachihoko” is a Japanese female idol group consisting of six schoolgirls from the city of Nagoya. It is a sister group of Momoiro ...
    Publised by on 9:19 am July 26, 2013 ... →
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Chīmu Shachihoko

  • Name : Team Syachihoko (チームしゃちほこ)
  • Also Called : Chīmu Shachihoko
  • Birthdate :2011-00-00
  • Category : Singers,
  • Gender : Woman
  • Location:

    Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

  • Country: Japan
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