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JKT48 is a "sister group" of an idol group AKB48 Japan that already well-known throughout Asia. After our first debut in December 2011, we would like to JKT48 following in the footsteps of idol group AKB48 became close to his fans and also establish close links with them. We believe that the support of the fans will take JKT48 to a higher level, starting from idol group based in Jakarta to become known throughout the world.
All members of JKT48 will be reaching their goal of being the real Idol; and to get there, they will be dedicated to their activities, not only singing and dancing talent, but also other appearance\/ Come on, come and watch members of the hard-fought their dreams manifest.

Songs / Musics

AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 & HKT48


Singing, dancing and spreading joy to all of our fans.

Description about JKT48 on Wikipedia

JKT48. ~ JKT48 (read as "J. K. T. Forty-eight") is an Indonesian idol group whose name is derived from its base city of Jakarta and the Japanese idol group AKB48. Formed in 2011, it is the first AKB48 sister group outside of Japan and adopts the concept of "idols you can meet".

JKT48 Videos

JKT48 "Heavy Rotation" Music Video Digest

 A quick glimpse of JKT48 first music video! Heavy Rotation Indonesian version. ;)

JKT48 - AKB48 Sister Group

  • Name : JKT48
  • Also Called : JKT48 - AKB48 Sister Group
  • Birthdate :2011-11-02
  • Category :
  • Location: Jakarta
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Facebook: facebook.com/official.JKT48

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