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  • BABYMETAL Announces 2 day live at Nippon Budokan Release

    Dec.22.2013. BABYMETAL announced that they will holding their 2-day live concert at Nippon Budokan on March 1st and 2nd, and their first-ever album (currently untitled) will be released on February 26. The announcement ...
    Publised by on 3:43 am December 22, 2013 ... →
  • Babymetal Pro Shot Footage Of Catch Me If You Can Performance

    Professionally filmed video footage of BABYMETAL — the heavy metal offshoot of the Japanese pop idol group SAKURA GAKUIN that performs a distinctly...
    Publised by on 3:15 am November 28, 2013 ... →
  • Former LOSTPROPHETS Vocalist Ian Watkins Metal Injection

    Vocalist of the now-defunct-since-he-is-a-baby-rapist band Lost Prophets was sentenced to 35 years in prison today for the attempted rape of a baby. Update: Court documents have been released that have much more ...
    Publised by on 9:17 am December 18, 2013 ... →
  • BABYMETAL Hype METALLICAs Through The Never Metal Injection

    BABYMETAL Hype METALLICA's Through The Never. Preview Image. FEATURED CONTENT. LostprophetsIanWatkins Ian Watkins Sentenced To 35 Years in Prison · ChristopherLeeChristmasAlbum 91-Year-Old ...
    Publised by on 11:31 am November 19, 2013 ... →
  • This Is What BABYMETAL Sounds Like Live Metal Injection

    We've covered Babymetal before, the Japanese girl pop-metal band, and while I initially did not approve of this, honestly, this looks like a fun time at a live show, something to take your daughter to so she can be introduced to ...
    Publised by on 11:35 am November 14, 2013 ... →
  • seen and heard kampfar alcest baby metal No Clean Singing

    I may have mentioned that I'm on vacation through December 8. In addition to not writing much for NCS, I've also largely abandoned my daily routine of reading press releases and roaming the web looking for metal news and ...
    Publised by on 12:59 pm November 29, 2013 ... →
  • Baby Metal observv design society

    Baby Metal. Heavy-metal music is a well-defined genre with plenty of sub-genres: death metal, thrash metal, drone metal … the list goes on and on. As with many hardcore music fans, headbangers take the genre boundaries seriously and ...
    Publised by on 8:22 am October 1, 2013 ... →
  • BABYMETAL Promotes Metallica Film in Japan alafista com

    BABYMETAL the unique kawaii Japanese idol heavy metal band had released a short video message to help promote the Japanese release of Metallica movie. The film “Metallica Through The Never” opens in Japan on 22 ...
    Publised by on 6:06 am November 18, 2013 ... →
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