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  • For the Listening Heart The Morale Effect

    If there's one valuble lesson I learned in the Youth Camp, it's one thing – the rules of Organizational Behaviour are every bit as applicable to teenagers, as they are applicable to adults in the corporate world, and to a Jemaah as a whole. Situations can sometimes get very rough and difficult – and whether we realize it or not, our reactions to different ... (Your Own Life Observations [YOLO] - Alkhaadem Youth Camp 2013) #yolo #akyc2013 #akyc. Posted by Faisal Abdul Latif at 3:35 pm.
    Publised by on 9:35 am December 22, 2013 ... →
  • Abdul Latief Adul Profile dan Biodata

    Namanya melejit lewat acara komedi, “Ngelenong Nyok” di Trans TV dan “Komedi Betawi”. Adul memulai karier dalam dunia peran dengan menjadi figuran dalam film “Kwaliteit 2”. Setelah itu, ia menjadi aktor utama dalam ...
    Publised by on 11:35 am March 22, 2012 ... →
  • 10 steps to help make your blog roaring success blog abdul

    ... BLOG ROARING SUCCESS. By: Abdul Latif on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 ... Moderate all comments and delete those containing useless links, those the are topic, any adult-related itemns, or anything thet might offend your readers. 9.
    Publised by on 5:51 am December 23, 2013 ... →
  • KapanLagi com Adul Abdul Latief Belum Juga Punya Anak Adul

    Dua tahun menjalani biduk rumah tangga, komedian Adul dan Azilia Nur Fatma belum juga dikaruniai momongan. Meski begitu, mereka tidak pernah mempersoalkannya.
    Publised by on 12:41 pm December 27, 2012 ... →
  • raising pious children everyday is another story

    Set aside 10 minutes a day to do Zikr with your family. Read Islamic books or watch Islamic videos (youtube has lots of them :); Raising Teenagers: Treat teenagers of age 14-15 like adults and they will start behaving like adults. For example, when Allah (swt) commanded Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice his Ismael (AS), Ibrahim (AS) ... Moga Afiy Akmal Qalish jadi anak soleh penyejuk dan penawar di hati Mama & Baba die...ameen". Posted 21st April 2011 by SaLMy WaTeeN aBDuL LaTiF ...
    Publised by on 10:30 am April 21, 2011 ... →
  • KapanLagi com Adul Abdul Latief Adul Berjanji Bakal Jadi Suami

    Setelah menikah dan menjadi seorang suami, Adul mengaku akan berusaha menjadi suami yang bertanggung jawab. Pasalnya, dirinya harus mengurus sang istri, Azilia Nur Fatma, yang akan selalu menemaninya dalam ...
    Publised by on 5:03 am June 28, 2010 ... →
  • Abdul Latif Haseeri Nazmay

    I loveeeeeeee these nazams The last one Shor Barpa Hoa makes my sister cry so she doesn't let me listen to it. Could u plz add these nazams to youtube. Jazakallah Khair. May God bless u and grant ur strongest wishes 2 u.
    Publised by on 9:59 am September 7, 2010 ... →
  • Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur INTERNATIONAL DAY OF

    She said that In a life cycle approach, one must take care of a fetus, neonate, infant, child, adolescence and finally the adult in both reproductive and post reproductive years. Dr. Qazi further elaborated that every problem in ...
    Publised by on 10:14 am November 25, 2013 ... →
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  • Name : Adul
  • Also Called : Adul
  • Birthdate :1983-07-08
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